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If I could sing…

I need a better way. The words aren’t flowing right this past week. They are just building up, colliding, and causing a massive traffic jam inside of me. Each word annoyed with the ones around it – eager to press forward to arrive at where it must be. Each word feels it’s own purpose supersedes the other and the eagerness for release has caused no solution, just the building of more tension.

If I could sing, my song would be so complex. The pitch would vary and the tempo, somewhere near allegro agitato. A horrendous opus would evolve, if I could sing. A song that would reach across the sea… to New York and Seoul. The people it would find there cured from their recent deafness and an unmistakable recognition, remembrance, would occur. My song would be my solution, to these broken cords… that stretched only as far as they wanted and not what they could before they snapped me loose. My song would be never-ending, a trance of beauty and frustration, of love and of hate. It would burn and it would heal and it would out-live me.

If only I could sing.

November 30, 2007 at 8:08 pm 2 comments


I held off for awhile. Her “neighbor” dropped off a picture of them – my four birth siblings – at the agency’s office in Korea. For me to have, if I wanted. This “neighbor,” (probably not really an accurate description of her actual relation to me and my first mother) seems to know a lot about the child she gave away – me – the same day that I was born. That next morning after I was born, my young mother went back to her parents’ home and it was all a big secret for a small teenager. About 14 years later, that secret child would be replaced, by one she could keep. And then, three more times over. Replaceable. And if I wanted to see my replacements, there was a photo…. for me… if I wanted.

Each day that passed after I knew of the photo, sitting in my file, waiting for my request, each day was a long day. I wanted to not want it. I wanted to believe that she would never move on. I wanted to believe that I hadn’t either. But I couldn’t forget about the photo and how much it was hurting me, sitting there in my file.

I searched through all of the adoptee blogs I could find. I talked with KAD friends, about when they discovered, uncovered, that they had birth siblings. I searched for a different reaction for myself. I wanted to try again and be prepared this time over. I wanted to want them. I didn’t want to pretend that it was good news… I wanted it to be good news. All of my efforts failed, the floor dropping under me with each effort and back down, back to feeling …. replaceable.

I requested the photo, unable to shake the haunting it had with me. It came too soon… the postal system failed to lose the photo and it came, uninvited to my door. Sifting through my letters at my postal box I glanced at the return address and immediately identified the envelope and quickly onto the next one…. as I always do. Unmoved by it’s presence, I just carried on. To be opened later, with the bills and junk-mail. It would get no special attention from me. But, it remained an intruder, the envelope, just as the bills that it sat under, requested something of me… something I hadn’t found in myself yet. In my typical, habitual manner, the envelope would be opened, in the order it had sat. Opened only after the other items from my postal box were.

The four replacements, neatly dressed in summer clothes, almost all four smiling. Two girls, two boys. The oldest girl, my clone. Flip-flops on the girls, sneakers and polo shirts on the boys. Their hair looks freshly trimmed, their faces clean. They are familiar to each other. Younger sister leaning back on big sister’s lap and the same for little brother and bigger brother. Little sister and little brother holding hands. All eight little legs overlapping a bit, as they sit on the floor. These four, nameless kids… my ……. something. Siblings? Genetic relations? Replacements? I felt ashamed of myself for being so jealous of these young kids, cute in every way, innocent, and deserving. They have had what I have thought, my entire life, I might have had if _______ . Maybe lucky for them and maybe not. Looking at their faces, so well kept, well nourished, and undoubtedly loved…. I can’t help but wonder if I had a little something to do with it all. Maybe…. or probably…. she holds them a little more close, appreciates them a little more, and is more ready to be their parent, their mommy… because of the one she secretly gave away, on the same day that she I was born.

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